Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy Brand New Year 2010

For whatever it was, it happened as well as matters that had gone through, is still a year to remember, 2009. Take it as a lesson to learn and to be reflect for mistakes, grief, sadness, disappointment, fear, success, joy, love, kindness and forgiveness. Yes, what would be the best time now to forgive ourselves and others and move on into a new exciting era that will mark another first decade of 21st century.

You will expect much better things to be happened throughout the entire year, that's for sure.

You can expect more value-added from me in coming year. More exciting plan and development that will "rock" everyone into a new phenomena journey. That's what life meant to be, an exciting, phenomena, impactful, awesome and remarkable destiny.

I will share more things about me in moving forward for the next whole year, my new "home", my new most powerful seminars, my new books, my new encounter, my new experience with people and many many many more.

I shall look forward to share these with you and with the intention to have everyone being empowered and ultimately self-actualized.

To your highest needs in your life, To your highest goals in your life, To your highest wealth in your life....

I wish everyone of you a very Happy New Year to your family and friends. Remember our life is really meant to be abundance in all areas and enjoy every minute of it.

Deepest wishes from the bottom of my heart,
Desmond and all at home.

PS: I will reconstruct this site very soon in a couple more days for total revamping about my offerings. Stay tune.