Monday, August 24, 2009

How to Thrive in a Changing Business World: Part 4

How The Uncertainty Paradox Changes Businesses
By applying the three pillars of the uncertainty paradox, business owners can achieve many significant benefits:

• Enables businesses to gain greater market share while other others
stumble or fall
• Empowers businesses to adequately respond to uncertainty and
changing business conditions while overcoming inner conflicts
• Reveals proven tactics that enhance customer loyalty
• Provides business owners the clarity and focus needed to make
smarter and quicker business decisions
• Eliminates negative habits that can prevent the business from
achieving success
• Identifies the best course of action, eliminating experimentation
• Helps identify the source of problems that are occupying too much
time or wasting money
• Enhances the way the business connects with people, providing new
ideas to help improve sales and marketing efforts
• Exposes the business to new, proven ideas that can lead to new
• Provides business owners the drive needed to follow through and
make results happen
• Establishes shortcuts that allow business owners to focus on actions
that will make a difference
• Enhances the ability to influence people.

What to Look For in An Uncertainty Paradox Expert
When seeking a company or program to help implement the uncertainty paradox for your business, consider the following important requirements:

Extraordinary track record: Seek a company that has successfully helped millions using the best strategies and tools that deliver results. This eliminates risk and ensures that the recommended course of action actually

Immersion experience: Look for activities that take you beyond concepts and enable you to experience the uncertainty paradox via interactive exercises and activities with peers. Some of the best programs include a fire
walk experience that helps you see that anything is achievable.

Provides an actionable implementation strategy: The ideal solution must extend beyond philosophy and include an actionable step-by-step plan that can be quickly implemented. Ask if an ongoing accountability program is

Eradicates limiting beliefs: Make sure limiting mindsets and negative patterns are identified and steps are provided to help overcome them, enabling a breakthrough to achieving the vision of the business.

Dynamic facilitator: Look for a program run by an individual who has extensive life and business experience, and has helped many others achieve results. The most qualified individuals are bestselling authors whose services are in high demand because they deliver results.

Networking: Seek a program that groups you with like-minded individuals with similar goals. This not only provides valuable business contacts but also helps ensure a quality outcome.

Goes beyond the business: The best programs also help improve energy levels, personal relationships and personal finances, ensuring your entire life is aligned for success.

Provides specialty support: Look for the option to add extra areas of specialization, such as Internet marketing, business mastery, coaching, time management and personal consultation to help fast-track the path to success
for your unique circumstance.

Money-back guarantee: Ask if the company provides a money-back guarantee.

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