Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Passion, Innovation, Execution and Transformation

As a professional trained in the industry of information technology, I have almost moved on to another area of non-technical skills related. This is due partly because I have developed myself from a IQ driven (left-brained) person into more EQ or SQ (right-brained) person.

I was captivated that based on my clear observation and conclusion most rich and successful people in this world are EQ & SQ brained people. It was totally mind-blowing for me when I realised after spending more than 10 years thinking the successful path is to be excellent in left-brain trained. I was totally wrong. I went on and developed myself further as Professional Certified Coach & Traditional Complementary Therapist ( Reiki and Phytotherapy). That provides me a total different paradigm in my approach dealing with issue unresolved via IQ way.

Never came across into my mind what kind of qualities or person should be in order to stay on competitiveness until after some thoughts and attended Franklin Covey Leadership program. The program was quite broad and certainly have many proven techniques that we could model. However, it is the time of reflecting about the whole contents resulted a vision and mission surfaced. I called it Passion, Innovation, Execution and Transformation. It may have seemed or sounded mind-blogging. Let me invite you with my explanations below;

Being passion is absolutely necessary as in a person with body, mind, heart and soul we will voluntarily deliver it. Without passion, we will merely do it as being told to do so. No passion at all will make a person wonders what is the purpose of his life. A person with full of passion says and do things in a highly energetic manner. It is so congruent that we could even feel it as we have reached the goal. A highly passionate person will ultimately energize people surrounding them.

Innovation is vital in today fast pace business environment. Without Innovation a company will stay out in business very soon and will be out-compete by other organizations gearing to change. Innovation is about having creativity in delivering our product, solution and even a simple piece of work. Unleashing this creativity that could stun the whole world be it within the organization and to all people that want to stay in business. Being innovative is the key on sustaining superior performance in today highly competitive business challenges environment.

Execution is a discipline and culture that embedded within the organization. It is also holding each other accountable among the employers and employees. By having execution in mind, we will have a system being "plant-in" our DNA to deliver results on what matter most for the organization. Execution is also about having teamwork to proactively achieve what is called the very important goals of all. Having execution in the system and process ultimately cultivating a habit of problem solving ability among employees.

Is about things we are doing consistently that deliver change for the organization continuously. It is also things that we delivered that has an impact to the customers and society we are responsible for. A transformation is what we need to aim in keeping our business fully agile and flexible at all times. Being a transformation organization always keep our employees on the move. Hence, what we delivered today will leave a legacy in our next generation to come.

Some may find it technical on my explanations but after many times of reading it, I could feel it has inserted into my DNA day to day.I'm not sure you may share with my thoughts but worth for someone to consider to improve themselves in the category of personal development.

I will share more thoughts on each of components with successful sample behind..


rentap said...

Dear Desmond,
I am a sarawakian & felt strongly against ur comment on splashing the sabahan & sarawakians. Horrenous amount of revenue comes from these 2 states to finance ur crisscrossing highways and we the borneons just look helplessly as we are being deprived of development unlike the western states. Our oil revenue makes ur life look like a breeze, makes our pathetic. our highways are PATHETIC! Our children has not seen a train in their life!!! Maybe being independent will definitely ease us of all the unbalanced development. What say u?

Desmond_TheCoach said...

Dear Rentap,

Thank you for your comment although it ended in a different post. I was expecting someone to comment on my post not on other post.

On the other hand, I truly appreciate your statement that as the matter of fact both Sabah and Sarawak does contribute significant development in the West Malaysia.

The point is the leader that we have today are equal pathetic. It is seemed that he abused all our trust and money to so call "bribe" the component party leaders there to stay and thats what I meant.

Perhaps you are right, maybe Sabah and Sarawak should seek independant where lead by Brunei would be more beneficial.

I feel sorry after joining the West since 1963, there are no great development heard neither from Sabah nor Sarawak.

If there is one day Sabah and Sarawak prefer to opt out not being Malaysia. I will definitely start a blog on that and fully support that move.