Friday, August 8, 2008

080808 @ 8 p.m

I find the above date and time very auspicious. As the Chinese believed, it is going to be a day meant all for great things to come. I guess this date has been the moment of all people waiting for.....

The whole world is talking about subprime mortgage crisis, the debt that the entire U.S folks facingFed Chairman movement on the possibility slashing interest rate, Freddie & Fannie on facing uphill tasks bailing out the actual figure of non-performing loan, the presidential elections coming November, oil price movement affecting the NYSE/ Nasdaq will not be over and shall be continuing even after next year.

Locally, we are having political and economy turmoil. The ruling government currently is getting weaker each day by day. The Prime Minister in fact has no idea how to overcome the political issue and what more the economy condition that reflect high inflation and high oil price.Opposition is seizing the opportunity to reject the present government in hoping to take over the office by September 16th. In addition, the opposition well known figure which dubbed the prime-minister in waiting facing the second time of sodomy charges. Not too sure is political conspiracy but one thing for sure, too much drama about it and forgot to look at the whole picture about our country development which in stand-still.

For whatever reasons, even with the issue and conflict raised in Tibet which cause The Dalai Lama criticize the Chinese Government, there has to be something to overcome the actual needs for the Tibetan. All they want is some form of freedom or autonomy which I find realistic as one the place very rich in spiritual culture. Seeing The Dalai Lama posting in on his website about promoting the biggest event held in Beijing today proof things can be further negotiate and compromise. Furthermore, the Chinese government has just settled down their hefty effort in recent earthquake rescue and recovering at Szechuan Province, still indeed they have done a remarkable job.

Seeing from the perspective of all these issues, I rather change the title this post as "Our Iceberg is Melting". Well, the whole world has changed and indeed one of the changes would be best reflecting as "Our Iceberg is Melting". Nevertheless, I rather discuss separately on the topic in another posting with further information in "A sense of urgency" soon. Leaving all the differences and contradictions aside and at this point of time focus on peace, unity and harmony. Yes let's divert the attention to the land of "Great Wall of China" tonight.

In the meantime, as an Asian ethnic living in Asia regions, I still feel proud and am exciting to welcome the very first Olympic that will kick-start in Beijing tonight at 8 p.m. So sit tight, relax and enjoy the opening ceremony celebration with full of colorful events arranged. I felt 8th August 2008 is just right to have the Olympics after all.

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