Tuesday, November 4, 2008

November 4th, 2008

The upcoming 4th November will be the ultimate turning point for global economies turmoil as well as future Malaysia economy direction. The reason being said after 4th of November, the United States of America will have his new President come January 2009.

With the current global economy crisis, there is a new fresh leader required to steer the current challenges ahead. In addition, much to be discuss currently how either Senator Obama or Senator McCain will take the country ahead. As the largest economy super-power, U.S is clearly looking at ways to overcome current economy recession once the new President announce immediate measure. There is a say, "When America start to sneeze, the other countries will start to catch the cold"

The implication of current policies that lead by Bush administration did not help much either. Therefore, I would say America desperately need a change in the current administration. It seemed that Senator Obama may take the lead vote after trailing in the campaign with Senator McCain. Both are strong leaders in my opinion, but what matter most would be how the next President will take immediate action once step into the Oval office.

Clearly, Senator Obama has a lot of advantages here. He has received numerous support from various people. He worked from the ground-up approach in getting the necessary support. It is a different approach that will soon receive lots of votes, especially from the middle-class people. In addition, he has plenty of experience people surrounding him such as Senator Biden and of course the duo Clinton's which play a major influence in America-know-how.

It would be an interesting chapter and history for America to have their very first black American to become U.S President. The influence will spread across to all other countries within their allies such as UK, Australia and others. The Asian superpowers such as China and India will welcome this change too. I don't see any major difference opinion from Japan, though they are the 2nd largest economy in the world. As a result, I see more benefits rather than disadvantages.

On the sideline, our Deputy Prime Minister Najib recently garnered the most votes to become the next President of UMNO (the largest political party in the country). This ultimately set him a path to become the 6th Prime Minister in coming March 2009. However, it is not an easy task for Najib at all.

He is still being linked to the scandal of assassination of Mongolian women case which received major attention in the country. While still being related to the incident, as a Finance Minister, the revealing RM5Billion borrowed from EPF to be channel through ValueCapital as part of capital injection to the money market did not work well.

He will reveal more economy measures in the parliament today. Although he enjoyed massive support from his party, still many people will need to look at his leadership capability. The ability in announcing measures for us to weather further global economy slides downward will proof himself a comfortable seat in the few years in the administration. Though we still yet receive direct impact due to economy turmoil, we still not be able to isolate ourselves as our economy still open to the market.

Whatever it is, the 4th November announcement of the next U.S President and the package economy measures in our country will be the deciding factor the direction of our ship is sailing towards....

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