Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Shanghai Trip 23rd November

I was in Shanghai again!! Seemed albeit awkward feeling after many years back since 2002. Yes it was 6 years back. The last time I visited Shanghai was further internship spending few weeks in Shanghai. I was attached to Microsoft then. The excitement was there those days.

However this time I travel with few other colleagues with mixed feelings. The only difference would be I'm a visitor this time. Nevertheless, it does not matter much. Several staffs I met here in Microsoft GTSC Shanghai was still around. Many others left for seeking greener pasture in other organizations.

I touched down Pudong Airport and it was just like similar size and shape of KLIA. The last time it was in HongQiao airport and similarly compared to our Subang Airport. The overall experience travel from Pudong Airport to Hotel was a bit shocking. We took a van which I believed was privately run and although the cost was reasonable one. The driver was driving recklessly and he almost go against the right path including taking in the bicycle and motorcycle track.

Fortunately we arrived safely and sound at our Hotel, Regal International. Our hotel was located 15 minutes walk to Microsoft office location which at Metro Tower,XuJiaHui District. At the hotel, I was kind of exhausted but perhaps of my nose block since before I depart the day before. Most likely I was having throat infection that resulting my nose uneasiness. The hotel policy required us to block about RMB2500.00 for my 5 night of stay as deposit but refundable. It was strange but since it was meant for other minibar and others spending relevance, I gave in.

The night did not went well as raining started since 4p.m. We originally plan to take a walk for dinner. Unfortunately, we ended having dinner in the hotel. The hotel charges for dinner was quite costly about RMB250.00 per person. In addition, the hotel charge us for internet access at RMB 2.00 per minute. After few minor dissapointing, I think we enjoyed our dinner after all.

I reminded them to sleep early and get up early tomorrow to avoid traffic congestion and others.

To be continue....

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