Thursday, July 31, 2008

Brain Drain Problem

It is an extremely important topic to discuss about for today posting. As we know our country economy and political turmoil, there is a hidden issue that will become a major challenge in our country. Yes Brain Drain issue! I have been hearing from all people that I knew wanted to migrate or seeking to transfer, desperately.

I asked why? Most of them said to me, they can't see the future to stay longer in Malaysia. It is very disheartening to hear such a remark from a truly Malaysian. A country should be working towards vision 2020 with great economy and political stability, Malaysia apparently not heading the right path.

According to one article by Datuk Dr. Toh Kin Woon, president of International-elected (ARTDO) Asian Regional Training and Development Organization, many talented workers are going overseas to work rather than seeking greener pasture locally. At a press conference after announcing an upcoming Penang Productivity Lecture 2008 to be held on August 8th, Dr. Toh mentioned the country is well aware of such a problem and there is uphill task to train more skilled, knowledge-based workers.

We all know on the other hand, quality of our education, especially tertiary level, universities could not be improved much. Reason being very little autonomy was given to universities chief in allowing more freedom and room to improve the creativity and competitiveness on each graduates. Politics and bureaucracies are the main culprit. Clearly, from what he said, a change required in the quality of the universities in order unleash the graduates highest potential.

The whole country apparently experiencing shortage of knowledge-based and skilled workers. If the issue not being addressed quickly we may need to "import" higher wages foreign workers in fixing it. Most talented, skilled and experienced workers prefer to work outside of country which provide more opportunities and higher wages, example Singapore. The numbers of this brain drain are increasing every year and it could be very alarming to the nation.

There are many foreign companies wanted to establish research and development facilities in our country and preferably highly capable, skilled with post graduates qualifications. If they do not find any of them here, do you think they would pursue their ideas?

On the other hand, we will end up most jobs will be offered to foreigners like Thais, Indonesian, Filipinos and many more. Malaysia will be run by these peoples one fine day.

It is going to be huge impact to our economy in medium to long term. What would the government do now?

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