Friday, July 4, 2008

Romance of Three Kingdom- Malaysia Version

After many thoughts and reading of the current political scenario, I have been seduced by our current political scenarios in Malaysia. Not because of I'm keen to know about the politic but is the turmoil we are experiencing from the 8th March Election till today about accusation of sodomy for Anwar Ibrahim. At the same time, I felt amused by the some of the statement that unrealistic and can be mind boggling.

The original Romance of Three Kingdoms highlighted few names that on 3 different side. The 1st party consists of Liu Bei, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu assisted by ZhuGe Liang. The second party are from the Sun family, Sun Ce the father that fight for a dynasty in Jiangdong and with Sun Quan the successor. The last but not least would be Cao Cao who self declared as the Prime minister left for Southern China.

Not to make you bored about the actual story, I want to invite you to position the character that mentioned into 3 different side in Malaysia political scenarios. They are firstly the current Prime Minister in denial, Abdullah Badawi and waiting to take the helm Najib Razak. The other party would be of course the Prime minister in-waiting, Anwar Ibrahim and his team. Last but not least would be the most respected and well known leader former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir.

I conclude our political scenarios seemed to be what was being written in Romance of Three Kingdoms. The differences compared to this chinese literature would be some character may fit with additional good character quality, some may come with lesser leadership quality.

The Prime Minister in denial was very similar to Cao Cao but the difference is Cao Cao character far better than our Abdullah Badawi. The actual character Cao Cao mirror would be non than our Najib Razak that involved in huge conspiracy about Mongolian murdering case. From the literature, Cao Cao was recognized as a brutal person, he will not hesitate to execute and kill anyone that possessed a showstopper for his mission. Hence, he was known as the dictator and the most afraid leader in this kingdom.

The Sun Ce Family Kingdom have been always wanted to defeat Cao Cao troops. His intention also wanted to co-operate with Liu Bei and the gang on this matter. However, the actual plan was Sun Family wanted to unite and take the helm as the Emperor. From this ambitious intention, it fits Anwar Ibrahim and the PR team. Anwar and his PR team have been always and consistent non-stop luring more BN MP's to join them. He uses his well known skills in oratory to convince them of the bright future in joining Anwar and PR. With the recent case, of second time of being accussed of sodomizing it could be either a conspiracy, or it could be nature character of Anwar Ibrahim himself.

Last but not least would be Liu Bei and the gang, during the battle and war Liu Bei lost his two buddies Zhang Fei and Guan Yu which was assasinated by his enemy. With such a great lost warrior that formed a formidable alliance, with full avenge, he launch and attack to their enemies with 750,000 soldiers disregard ZhuGe Liang advice. ZhuGe Liang is one of the most brilliant advisor and war strategists during that time. He managed to overcome quite a number of turbulences and turnmoil that will greatly affect them. This explained that scenario seemed to be non than others similar to Tun Dr. Mahathir with his hidden "warriors" now. Tun as we may know of was a very lambastic person in voicing any issue. He will not give any tolerance and any chance should external parties wanted to interfere in our domestic issue. Tun can be considering the combination courage of Liu Bei and brilliant mind of ZhuGe Liang. He is also proven to be a visionary and great leader in his ability to execute and solve problems. Unfortunately, Tun no longer young anymore and at his elderly age his contribution maybe limited after all.

What would be the outcome of such a War between these three kingdoms in Malaysia? We'll probably have to keep watching and see what it turn out to be....One thing for sure normal citizens like you and me will suffer with the challenges of high oil price, shortage of food products, instability of economy facing the external factor as well as pressing ethnic issues being raised. Until we have a great leader emerge..... let's pray harder the day will come.

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