Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Essential of Nutrition

(Adapted from Dr. Ray D. Strand, M.D)

Have you seriously thought of if I say "What your doctor doesn't know about Nutritional Medicine may be killing you ". What would be running in your mind? Not possible? Doctors won't lie? The truth is Medical Doctors would NOT think of recommending anything besides of drugs that potential harmful to our body in long term. They would even tell you to forget about nutrition such as supplement or multivitamins.

In this posting, I would like to explore a little wider scope into today healthcare and how much our awareness in terms of the truth about it. Doctors or Physician today practices drugs application not disease prevention. Imagine the amount of prescriptions of drugs for patients high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, heart disease, and depression, to name just a few. As a result further discovery and use of antibiotics in the war against infectious disease, our philosophy in medicine has become: attack disease.

I won't want to be bore you further on yearly spend and amount prescriptions used worldwide figures. However, I would like to invite to understand the truth about actual graduating physicians received not more than 6% of formal training in nutrition. Nothing curls a physician's toes more readily than the moment his patient asks if he or she should be taking nutritional supplements. Most would say "They're just snake oil" "Vitamins just make expensive urine". Some patients persisted, the physician's then will suggest it may not hurt our body but should take the cheapest ones as it is believed vitamins most likely wouldn't help much either.

In reality nutritional medicines foreign to most physician as well as to public, this is true. Hence, that reflect of our today topic as mentioned above. The good news is that you do not have to be a physician in order to start practicing nutritional medicine, you , the patient themselves can start proactively preserving our health.The experiences from Dr. Ray Strand proof a valuable lesson to be learned about us underestimate nutritional supplement benefits for our body. If it is not because of his wife Liz developed fibromyalgia which has no cure. Dr. Strand felt very much hopeless as with more than 30 years experiences as physician do little help. He could only ease her condition by providing her lots of medication. At one point of time, his wife told that she married him because Dr. Strand is a physician and will take good care of her. Dr. Strand felt so wrong and wondered she had married the wrong person.

Being physicians will not help her better with introducing more and different drugs.His perception change after one of his wife's friend brought her with multivitamins with heavy anti-oxidants. Dr. Strand was dumbfounded as fibromyalgia was known no cure but seeing his wife making a good progress. After 3 months, she no longer required any medication or nebulizer treatment, she regains more energy and be able to stay later night. Her lungs recovered from pneumonia and symptoms of fibromyalgia improved tremendously.

Since then Dr. Strand curiously pursue further research on nutrition, and he picked up Dr. Kenneth Cooper's book about The AntiOxidant Revolution. He read thru about explanation by Dr. Cooper in terms of oxidative stress. It is indicated that the process was the underlying cause of chronic degenerative diseases. We all know about essential oxygen to our life, but what we don't know every chronic degenerative disease is the direct result of toxic effects of oxygen. It is the leading theory behind of an ageing process caused. We are also constantly facing attack from an army of pollutants in our air, food, and water. In addition, our stress lifestyles will add salt to the wound.

It also opens up possibility using anti-oxidants in cancer prevention due to damage in nucleus cells. Since oxidative stress could cause arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus, macular degeneration, diabetes, parkinson and Crohn disease, nutritional supplements may also combat and control those illnesses. Through Dr. Strand further research he learned what had happened to his wife that became a turning point did proof that the strongest defense against these eases is our bodies own natural antioxidant and immune systems.

He concluded that using nutritional supplementation is considering as complementary medicine or preventive medicine. It is not about eradicating disease, it is about promoting vibrant health. He has no doubt that patients who take high quality nutritional supplements have a health benefit over those who don't even for the very sick lying on bed condition.

I will share further in my next posting about our repair system, heart disease causes, homocysteine, cardiomyopathy, chemoprevention on cancer, oxidative stress, autoimmune diseases, lung, arthritis, diabetes, neurodegenerative and fibromyalgia in part by part. It is indeed an eye opener for me as an alternative health care practitioner too.

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